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Wild & Free

June 29th   2:30-4:30pm  $85

This is all about a WILD style with lots of FREE negative space. Our inspiration will be a wild flower meadow in early summer. Daintier blooms and textures will float above the base of the arrangement giving it an airy feel.  We will be designing with the first blooms of summer and some of the last spring blooms still lingering. We will be designing into a 4-5" wide vessel.

Summer GLOW

August 17th  2:30-4:30pm   $85

This class will focus on the sun-kissed colors of summer. Peaches, watermelon, sunny golden hues, and other warm tones.  Zinnias, dahlias, sunflowers, cosmos, rudbeckia, and salpiglossis are just some of the possibilities. This will not be a class for the minimalist! The arrangement will be made in a 4-5" wide vessel. 


September 21st 2:30-5:30pm   $115

It's that time where everything is blooming in abundance and is ready for harvest. This will be a class where Kat will bring in armloads of the most beautiful things in a palette inspired by what is happening in nature and the garden. Dahlias, zinnias, lisianthus, and more.  This will be an arrangement in a 5"+ wide vessel.