FAQ:  General Questions, Wedding and Events, Delivery Options, Florist Sales, and Our Honor Stand Questions.



What are your studio hours?

Our studio is a working studio for creating not a retail space. It is open by appointment only for event client consultations and special events.

If you are looking for locally grown fresh-cut flowers stop by our Honor Stand "Flowers on the Porch" and subscribe to our emails or follow us on socials for more ways to buy in the future.


Do you provide design for weddings or events?

We take a limited number of full-service weddings that align with our values of using local flowers, sustainable design, and original artistic approach. Our books are closed for 2024, but we will announce when we open our books back up or any further wedding offerings.

Do you provide bulk/buckets of flowers for weddings or events?

We do not offer bulk or buckets of flowers. If you are looking for this we suggest the ASCFG (association of speciality cut flower growers) website to find a local farm that may offer this service. We do not endorse any other farm or company, but it is a good place to start searching.


Do you deliver flowers in Cheyenne?

We do not have delivery services. You can buy flowers up at the self-serve honor stand on Saturdays and we are working on other pick-up options to be announced as soon as we finalize the details.


Do you sell flowers to other florists?

We are a design studio and boutique growing on a small scale. Though we grow a lot we do not grow in the quantities needed to fulfill florist orders.


Where is the stand?

212 East 25th Street. Just off 25th and Warren. There is a sign up during the season on the front fence and signs leading to the stand. The stand is located on the side of the house on the porch to protect flowers from sun, wind, and all sorts of Wyoming weather. This is why we call it "Flowers on the Porch". 

When does the stand open?

The stand will be open Saturday 9-2pm beginning May 18th in spring of 2024 to September 28th (or later if the weather permits). At the beginning of the season we will be selling plant starts, dried flowers, garden items, and more. Fresh flowers should be available by the end of May. Sign up for emails and follow us on social to stay informed on what will be at the stand each week.

If your questions have not been answered please contact us!